Day 1, C25K without electronics

w1d155minLove the C25K running program. It gets one 5K ready in about six weeks. I have done it three or four times and then relapsed with life. This time, I will try to only run on asphalt (no concrete) and leave out the electronics, except for keeping time. Today, I moved over the concrete portions, walking briskly for five minutes and then more briskly for a minute.

Repeat until 30 minutes, unless you change your mind mid-stream which I did. Once I hit the asphalt, I went with the jog for one minute; rest for a minute and a half. Repeat until 30 minutes or the end of the trail.

Great cardio exercise.

I’d like to keep my knees and my hips and my feet intact for as long as they are needed. As well, I don’t need to be jogging Paris, but I do plan to walk it and need to build up to 10 miles a day.

Several flights of stairs need to be built into this routine. The thought of seeing Paris from a vista view after walking up to it is daunting: the Notre Dame towers are 400 steps and the Sacred Coeur (in the 18th) is 300 steps. Another blogger (on TripAdvisor) mentioned a workaround for Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the famous cemetery in the 20th where Jim Morrison and other famous ex-pats and other household names are buried, that allows for a downhill instead of an uphill walk.

I know this writer is correct, because in that firs trip so many  years ago, we did the stop that’s named after the cemetery and we were exhausted!

The workaround?

If you get off at the “Gambetta” stop you will be at the back entrance to the cemetery. The difference is that your tour will be a relaxing downhill walk instead of a strenuous UPhill walk.



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