What you don’t get in Paris

Meriendas (that’s Spain) and high tea (that’s England). One might find both in Paris, but the experience will have been imported.

There is a list of rules that might be of interest.

Here’s one of my favorites, primarily because of the sense of humor the writer uses:

11. Don’t Ask for a Bread Plate

French bread is magnifique, but there are a few points of etiquette to keep in mind when partaking in le pain in France. The first thing that surprises most foreigners is that bread plates aren’t provided at restaurants. Rather than making room for a piece on your entree plate, it is perfectly acceptable to keep your bread on the table beside it. Yup, crumbs and all, right on the tablecloth. You may also be surprised that butter is not usually provided as a bread spread either, except perhaps at breakfast time. Rather than filling on bread before your meal arrives (tempting as that basket may be), it’s best to wait and consume it alongside your meal. Break off little bite-sized pieces to place in your mouth as you eat. Don’t slice off slabs with a knife or munch on a big knob of bread, barbarian-style. Bread is sacred in France, so don’t be an oaf with your loaf.



10.  Greet the shopkeeper!



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