Do Overs and Other Lists

So, the Paris trip is wrapped. Here’s a list of points for blogging:

  • Navigating Paris in the 21st century (Metro) and in the 19th (arrondissement).
  • Buying metro tickets (3-day x 3 versus 5-day, 3-day, individual rides).
  • A one-destination day (or getting lost on the way home).
  • Learning the Neighborhood.
  • Personal faux pas. (French for French-speaking service personnel).
  • 600 Steps to the Sacre Coeur (and choosing 300 for the partial view).
  • Favorite iconic shots: Sacre Coeur, Eiffel Tower, room with a view.
  • Lunch cruise or the Batobus.
  • Galleries Lafayette, the fashion show is free and so is the beverage.
  • Galleries Lafayette Starbucks, levels, buildings, WC and book views.
  • All roads lead from Hard Rock CafĂ©.
  • The Bastille under construction (Marais by accident)
  • Buying airline tickets: an airport to match hotel location.
  • Hotel village near CDG and the black and pink bus routes.
  • Managing the Louvre.
  • Choosing other museums (Paris Pass?)
  • The Trocadero.
  • Bites and brews near Notre Dame.
  • Shakespeare and Company, the Cat.
  • Scenic Paris bus routes – not for hot days.
  • Souvenirs or not.
  • iOS on not seeing.
  • Best of strangers – Starbucks (metro), 50 liter Stella Happy Hours (mom with a view); our little convenience store, hotel clerk, English speaking wait staff (Gorilla),
  • Thank you a good word in complex rebooking and return.
  • Packing and carrying – downsize, launder, metro to the airport.
  • WhatsApp alternative to Social Media and International Sim Card.
  • Age versus Youth; Wealth versus Economy Class.
  • Colored Pencils and Folders, magazines and books (choosing the pastimes)/
  • Sidewalk cafes, happy hour, smokers.
  • Shoes, feet, socks, — sidewalks, steps, bike paths.
  • Those ubiquitous bicycles. Plus motorbikes,
  • Umbrellas and hats. Plus sunscreen.
  • Personal space – economy class, hotel (room, bed, shower), subway.